Thursday, February 24, 2011

Shoots on my List

We have recently concluded our second photo shoot and all I can say is that it was so amazing. It was like spring time in summer. That was the idea. A "Fashion Glamor Photo Shoot" that is.

As the winter here in Queensland slowly approaches, summer clothes have been slashed half prices and out comes the blazers and jackets. It may probably the best time to shop for summer clothes here in OZ now because of massive discounts. LOL

Photos by: Niko Bulaun
Make Up by: Kelly Grech
Wardrobe by: Joy Thurling and Kelly Grech

Kelly did an amazing job of strutting the concept. A natural! It was a well spent afternoon thanks to my amazing and ever so helpful set of photographer friends. We couldn't have done it well without each other's company and ideas. Kelly is also making it in the film industry in Sydney and I'm happy to have been part of her portfolio building. Watch out for her soon in the movie world. We are preparing for a "High Fashion Shoot" that is being conceptualized at the moment, so watch out for that in my coming blogs too.

The Blazers were heartily sponsored by Mrs. Joy Thurling, Hair and Make-up Artis and an Entrepreneur who has been styling people in her Salon here in Mackay, participated without hesitation by lending a couple of her blazers on display from her RTW Store. A big big thank you for saving me from the hassel of a wardrobe breakdown.

Thinking that I would have a hard time making and organizing photo shoots here, it seems as though that everything is falling into place. The first concept shoot that I organized wasn't that bad. Due to a series of unfortunate events, say 2 cyclones that hit northern Queensland all in just one week, my first shoot had to be rescheduled because it was facing up against the biggest cyclone that ever hit Australia. In the end, my first concept shoot was up on track a week after the horrifying weather. 4 Photographers, make-up artist Arvin "Posh" Litan, and 2 amazing models namely Rhiannan Bezzina and Frances Tanti.

Photos and concept by: Niko Bulaun
Hair and MUA: Karen Woods and Arvin "Posh" Litan
Models: Frances Tanti and Rhiannan Bezzina