Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Watcha Say

I reckon 2011 is a very pretty good year for me... I hope! 

Time flies by so fast. I started this year with a bang, and now I'm riding the cool cool winds. I feel bad about whats happening in the world these days. Quakes here, floods, global warming... I just hope my love ones are safe from the natural disasters that are occurring and I pray that the world learned a lesson with the things happening. 

I'm currently working on a big big photo project but I can't discuss the details of this project yet. The only thing I can share with you gals and guys reading out there is that with this project, I feel so so good about it and I am not wasting my opportunities. There's so much to learn yet I feel so well taught by my photo mentors. 

I do have magazine assignments that I have just been accepted to. I have to sort that out because I haven't even started any of my assignments. Goodluck on me with that LOL. 

The link below is my online portfolio. Please do check it out. Any inquiries, please do email me at:

I just took a break to make this blog. Going back to work now. Thanks gals and guys!