Saturday, August 28, 2010

Stay Focused and Don't Look Back

"You make me feel like I'm living a teenage dream" - Katy Perry

It has been awhile since I posted a new blog. Right now, I just want to write all the things that I can conclude for the week's rollercoaster.

I cannot elaborate the point that I am not a profound writer. Although, I found out recently, through my blogs, that I am a writer. I don't know if I can safely say that I am part of a blogging community here in town, but I recently joined a group of bloggers so I still don't know if I can state the confirmation of my affiliation. I find it socially productive to be invited in a unique profound community. When they ask me what kind of blog do I have, I said, "I really don't know... it's a mix of lifestyle and personal interest... maybe it's fashion...". In my mind, it was kind of embarrassing to say the things that I wasn't really sure of.

I really don't know if I'm starting to build my career or not, but I got invited to write for a magazine which I took it without having to really think about it. I guess, I would consider that an opportunity worth accepting abruptly.

The tides have turned and brought me to a safer shore. In other words, I found myself riding through a train of opportunities.

And this week,  we finished the second concept shoot about fashion on a clothing line. I will post it soon for all you girls out there reading my blog. 

For now, I wanna share you a picture from one the photoshoot that we had.

You know, I find this picture quite interesting. The reflector and I are quite similar. We are both round. We shine light and reflect it to people. We try to illuminate the person we are fond of. We are artificially capable of helping out on a set. The reflector is elegant and formal looking... so am I. There are no words to describe us both, except round. And That is the reflector and me.

I am almost done with my writing requirements for the newspaper, and ready to show what I've got.

So far, we are working on a little project of our own. Details are still kept confidential as of the moment. Once we are done, in about 1month's time, then we will showcase it to the world.

I leave you with my quote.

"Write with your heart and show the world how you Love" - Me

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Love and Gratitude

For all of you girls out there, I just want to say that I am in love with you!

I just want to thank you for the bottom of my heart through my own rendition of my friend's composition.

I hope you like it.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Palette's Desire

Before I started writing this post, I took my time dropping friends off by the pool. *Laughs*

I was just kidding. On this very night, before writing came to play, I had a wonderful dinner with my friends over at our buddy's place. His Mom invited us for a feasty dinner. There was no occasion, nor a birthday party being celebrated. It was only a bundle of joy spurring out of the kitchen. Upon arriving, I could feel the dinner table being set for a number of huge people. We could hear everyone's tummies grumbling from hunger as the thoughts of a variety of provision lingered our minds. Everyone couldn't wait to get in the house. We had to hurry and squeezed through the traffic jam when en rout to the place where the kitchen does the cooking for itself. Enough said.

A day before this night of wondrous sweet and salty temptations, our buddy's Mom had an Idea to feed us with "Lechon", called as Roast Pig, a Philippine delicacy like no other. This medium sized pork, slowly cooked over volcanic charcoals and drenched with spices inside, and the aroma of lemon grass slowly smoking inside the roast's belly, delightfully is floating us in cloud nine.

After devouring the mix of salty spices and tender oozing juicy meat, scrunches are left and an unshaped utilized pig is formed.

Scrunches can be be sautéed with garlic and onion chives to create this after-devouring dish to plate. 

This is CHICKEN POT PIE (below)... I think. Mixed with chooks, potatoes and sausages drenched in a white creamy sauce, made to a perfection of a pie. 

I told everyone that it is called "Chicken Pot Pie", answering to everybody's curiosity. Also called "Pastel".

And for the desert... tiny chocolate moist muffins! I ate one-fourth of this box. Yummmmm!

We just couldn't resist.,we couldn't wait.
Our tummies full from all we ate.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

One moment on Eevee

Its amazing how small things from the start end big, right?

The Eevee Band. A band composed of four members. A band whose name originated from a "pokemon" character, or might stand the lead-vocal's initials; got their big break on a National Music Band Competition here in the Philippines in 2009. They outlasted 13 bands coming from all over the country. In the end, the competition bridged their way for a career that would play for a lifetime.

Before they got themselves heard in the big music industry, they performed locally in the city. They were slowly  letting people hear their kind of music. Personally, I find their songs nice to hear. Its like everytime you hear them play, it feels as if you are inspired to do what they are singing about, or motivated to. Its love songs with a spicy twist.

"It's not ballad, it's not outright alternative, it's like anti-stress songs, feel-good... like Michael Buble learns to rock" - Eevee on their facebook info.

Definitely, its working for them.
craig paolo enzo jerrick

The band consists of Enzo Villegas(vocals and guitars), Paolo Segura(lead guitars and back-up vocals), Jerrick Sy(bass guitar) and Craig Neniel(drums).

Enzo is a friend of mine since 1st grade. I am amused of how he persists on his dreams and how is unique with his abilities. Since I transferred to another high school, we never had the chance to hang out since then. Tilll this music auditon similar to American Idol came 3 years ago, only local. We got together and surprised each other on that day. We didn't make it though. However, this career of His did not surprised me at all. I knew it that He had it in Him all along. Well, for me, music has to find its way back into my heart. I may have lost it, but its okay.

Their debut album titled "Paramdam" is now available in record stores and in i-tunes for only $9.99

Click HERE to get a copy of their album on i-tunes.

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Watch their music video called "gusto ko lang ng girlfriend" which translates to "i just want a girlfriend".

Pictures were taken from their Facebook page. 

Friday, August 13, 2010

Don't Click this coz its too boring. I tell you

This post is a boring one. Ill bore you with this post because I haven't finished gathering my things for my next big post. So, I hope I'll bore you with this post. You'll be so bored that you wish you shouldn't have click to read this post. So here it goes.

Hello professional world! Bye bye bum life :'(  I am now a certified professional writer. For something whose details shall remain confidential :))

For now, I leave you with that message. I hope you have something to say about my status... so comment! hahaha

Love you gals!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Her Night of Radiance & Vivacity

You never know when you least expect it.

Last week, I came across a beauty pageant of a friend. I was excited to see her strut the ramp during coronation night of Mr. and Ms. Davao Medical School Foundation. Well, she didn't tell me when the whole thing was going to happen. I was completely clueless on that day, till a a friend told me there's a pageant thing going on that night. My cousin and I just decided to crash into the place. So we did. 

I was surprised of how the girl contestants looked pretty awesome beautiful. State of "mouth opening and drooling". 

The contestants gave a production number on a creative jeans attire, to start off the show

She poses as the Nike Goddess of Victory. Her crown is literally made out of spray painted syringes. A creative wear made out of recyclable materials.

On the Question and Answer portion, the contestants were suited with formal gowns and attires. She wore a 3-foot modern Filipiniana inspired gown by Don Mascarinas.

She recieved the "Best in Formal" and "Best in Creative Goddess Wear"; and crowned as Ms. DMSF 2010. 

Ms. Isabela Rodriguez

It might be every girl's dream to be on a pageant, but surely She had an opportunity which she least expected it to happen. She showcased her inner beauty and never backed down to call her night her own. Congratulations Ms. Isabela Rodriguez

I just wanted to say thank you to Ms. Isabela Rodriguez for approving to let me write this feature of hers. Honestly, I did not saw the entire show. I only made it on the part where Ms. Rodriguez strut her gown. She was very entertaining because she was the only one who made an epic humorous attitude while walking the ramp. I saw how she worked out her huge long gown and she did a very good job wearing it. Kudos to you Ms. Rodriguez! 

And oh, she said that she ate McDonalds after and had her well-deserved Ms. DMSF rest. *laughs

Photos by: Their official photographer whose name I don't know. 
c/o Ms. Isabela Rodriguez

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dress for Less

"Work it! Work it! Yeah... look there. Touch your sleeve. Touch your glasses. Great!" - The Photographer and The Model.

This is my second time doing a photo shoot. We came up with the concept "Dress for Less" here in this modeling activity. Honestly, it's really freagin' hard to pose. My friend Kat modeled along with me for this shoot. Good thing she was here. Without her, I could have painted my face with only one emotion. In other words, I wouldn't have learned anything about facial expressions and poses.

Kat poses for her insights and ideas about "dressing for less". For all my girl readers out there, this one is for you.




Top: Purple Knitted Blouse from MAGS (SM CITY Davao) at PHP545.00(USD13.00)

Shorts: Used to be Jag PANTS --cut it up! Roughly around PHP800 - PHP900(USD20.00) before it became shorts.

BELT - Vintage Yacht (Online Retailer) - Pre-owned at PHP195.00(USD5.00)
Earrings - MTS at PHP25.00(USD0.50)
Bracelets - FREE! 
Shades - MTS at PHP100.00(USD2.25)

Shoes: Juan at Marikina Shoe Exchange (NCR - Manila), The real marikina shoe exchange! haha! its for PHP595.00(USD13.25)
*Note: USD1.00 = PHP45.00

Well, I was really thinking of clothes that I could wear for this shoot for the expense of only less. Upon arriving on the location, it was then I knew I realized that the clothes I brought were... a bit expensive. Now, I don't want to post the prices for my clothes except for the shoes. Girls, this one is for you. 

Shoes: pair of sneakers from K-Mart Australia - AUD14.00 or PHP500
*Note: AUD1.00 = PHP40.00 

Here are 2 photos of me and Kat. 

Photos by: Dennis Li
Modeling by Kat and Me

Friday, August 6, 2010

Rendering my Services

"I'm too scared to donate my blood... too scared I tell you!" - Me

I have been in the Rotary for about more than a year now. And did I learn anything from this experience? Absolutely! Basically, the Rotary Club is an organization of service. Helping in any way is charity. I however, belong to a younger group of Rotarians called the "Rotaract" which means Rotary in Action. To tell you honestly, I did not know what Rotaract means till last week when a woman was asking me what "Rotaract" meant, and I was stuttering and did not know how to respond. Good thing my colleague was there to back me up. Maybe I really did not know, or maybe because I was idle for about less than 6months because I was way too busy with vacation trips last year as well as this year too. 

Rotary is fun. The first time you hear the word might bore you or "the hell I care" would do too. I tell you, Rotary is fun. Being of service to another gives you a great kind of meaning to yourself. I want to share pictures of how a normal Rotary meeting would go.

It all starts off with an invocation.
Then Followed by the national anthem and the singing of the Rotary hymn.
The RC President then opens the meeting in Session.

The 3rd regular meeting is all about classifying your recruits

A member introduces the guest speaker. Rotarian Elisa Tay.
Ms. Tay conducted a simple exercise on classifying recruits.

After the brief talk, a token of appreciation is given to the speaker.

Rotaractors attentively listens to the subject matter.
Facebook is commonly practiced while on meetings.
Raffles are done after talks.
Then comes the RC President's time. 
In the end, we have fellowship, which means the game part.

The faces of intensity.

Its all in an hour's work. Its a serious and fun organization. Maintaining balance while achieving a certain goal. My life wouldn't be the same without the experiences I gained from this. 

And oh, we get to have conferences and assemblies yearly. This November, we'll be having the annual Asia Pacific Regional Rotaract Conference which will be held in Sydney, Australia. Looking forward to be attending this event. It comes with a price though. 

And on August 7, 2010, there will be blood. I mean, a blood letting program in hospital down south of the city. I am not sure yet whether to donate my blood or cowardly back out from this event. It'll be for a good cause though. 

Here are some pictures taken candidly after the meeting.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mile High

"Travel the world freely!" - someone who is anonymously insane, because traveling is expensive

Are you a jet-setter? If you are, get ready to take on the world! - How I wish I could just take my bags and leave in an instant, and fly somewhere in the world.

I'm actually just bumming the whole afternoon and thought of posts that might interest you. I came to realize a very interesting topic when someone told me that I should keep writing and traveling. I love to travel. I've made this point back in my older post. If you haven't read it, I suggest you click on this link: Child's Dream Gone Flying.

I want to share to you the places I've been to. First, let me share with you the places I've been to in the Philippines.

Baguio City with my ESA friends.

San Juan, La Union.
Surf Spot of Northern Luzon.
Surfing with my ESA friends.

Upper Left picture - My high school friends are on the way to Marbel

Me Standing Outside a very old Church - Church of Santo Nino, Cebu City.

Middle Left Picture - In our high school buddie's house in Marbel

Lower Left Picture - My cousin's mountain restaurant in General Santo's city.

I love the highlands.

Tagaytay City with my buddies.

Mountain Haven Resort
Eden, Toril, Davao City

Camp Sabros Zipline
Kapatagan, Digos City


   I Love the Big City, Manila!

I've been to as up far as La Union in Northern Luzon and way down to Zamboangga in West Mindanao. I've been to cities like Bohol, Ilo-Ilo, Albay, Cagayan de Oro, and so much more. I don't have pictures of them though.

Let me share with you the International travelling I made, but this is all from my trip to Australia.

Upper Pictures:

This is where I stayed most often during my visit. Mackay.

Lower half pictures:

This is in Melbourne. South east part of Australia. The coldest place to be in OZ.

Daydream Island, Whitsunday Islands
2hour drive from Mackay

Townsville, Austraila

The Gold Coast
a.k.a. Sin City, the party capital etc
This is where you party in OZ

Brisbane City, Queensland

The most comfortable place to live, personally for me.
It's climate is as nearly the same in Davao's.
I love this City.
I love everything about Brisbane.

I'll try Kite surfing one day. Afraid to be stung by the stingers in OZ.
Its how Steve Erwin died. Tragic death.

Brisbane High rise.

Stuffed Koala. Never had a chance to hold them, even kangaroos.

Back when I was in OZ, I haven't tried visiting Sydney, Alice Springs(Big Rock trademark) and the West Australia such as Perth and Adelaide. I'll definitely try to go there when I come back. Just a few months more of waiting. I'll try to hit Sydney first because the Rotaract Conference will he held there this November. I hope I make it in time.

One thing...

Whether your at the airport waiting...

or when you are driving somewhere...

Don't forget to try to eat things you haven't ate before.

I love to eat. I make sure I do that on my trip.





My next stops are:

Hong Kong -I've been there when I was kid
and the rest of Europe

I'll deal with the U.S. cities later...