Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A song that will Stay with you

Title: To Stay With You
Music and Lyrics: Niko Bulaun
Original Composition

Stand Still
We'll take this ride together
Hold my hand and never let it go

Ill take you places
You've never been in before
I wanna walk with you
Until the night ends

Coz don't worry
I'll be here
To take all those tears Away

Your eyes
Are like stars in the night
I wanna fall in love
Over and over again... With you

Coz don't worry
I'll be here
To take all those tears Away

I will never
Leave you alone
And I will promise
To stay With you

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Miss...

I miss playing badminton. The thrill, excitement and eagerness to win, and everything about it.

I miss doing magic. People getting fascinated, amused and getting scared and the slight of hands.

I miss running... believe me, I do.

I miss school. 

I miss playing music. The soul full mix of an acoustic love song's hopeless romantic.

I miss traveling around.

I miss my friends. Even though we see each other almost everyday.

I miss writing random thoughts, enlightenments.

I miss the photo shoots. TNG

and I miss being myself...