Friday, March 25, 2011

My Cup of Tea

Here  is another collection of my concept shoot with Kelly entitled, "Graffiti". 

This concept most probably out stands all the photo shoots I did during my entire stay in Mackay, Australia. The wardrobe that Kelly wore was one of her creations; during the time when she was still in Fashion School. I pretty much liked the heels that she was wearing here and somehow complimented the whole outfit and made suitable for the composition of my photos. It pretty much contrasted the back ground and the wardrobe she was wearing. 

If I stayed a bit longer in Australia, I would have probably built a name for myself slowly and surely. I think I am ready to tackle the professional side of photography. Fashion would be my priority and Wedding photography comes second. It's a different ball game in OZ and I have plenty of Filipino Ideas and concepts that would probably attract and amuse strayans. Oh well, till next year OZ! Ill be coming for you and winter!