Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Home and Away

When the sun is up and the cool breeze whistling down on your face, it would most probably be a good day to take a breather and drive up to the mountains. A couple of weeks ago, my closest friends and I drove up to the cold mountains around the outskirts of the city where our buddy's rest house lay. The one and a half hour drive to the mountain did not feel like it was a long drive because when you have friends that mock around and make fun of all the weird unusual things you pass by during the trip, they tend to make the long hour drive a hell of a laugh trip. 

When we thought that everything would work out alright as planned, the unexpected happened. The car that I was riding broke down and lost its acceleration as we were starting to drive up the mountain. We really did not know what caused the damage but our theories have concluded that we might have been jinxed by our girl buddy - she's being a paranoid since the time we took off and she was actually riding in the car where we were all comfortably seating at. I still love her though she's actually like that (laughs). Fortunately, our buddy's mom drove by coincidence and switched cars with her - she is so sweet and apparently she owns the car we were using as well. Even though we went through all of that trouble, we were still in smiling faces, calm and happy - I really don't know what our paranoid-ish friend felt all through that trouble (evil laugh).

Basically, this breather can be be but to simpler words that can actually describe the whole trip. A Buffet. For snacks, we got bags and bags of Lays, buns, bread chocolates, assorted chips, name it! 

grilled tuna belly and squid
chicken soup
Whole medium sized roast pig
Pork on tofu
Scrambled Eggs
Corned Beef
Grilled Shrimps
Sautéed Roast Pig
Grilled Marinated Boneless Milf Fish
Adobo - Filipino Dish

Its like a the whole restaurant's menu. Don't even get me started with the desserts.

There are really cool sights and places near the rest house around the mountains. Like this piece of "Art" created by Davao's most famous artist... Kublai. 

There's this one rest house where in you can actually pay to take a dip in their swimming pool which unfortunately was recently drained when we went in. Whoever the owner of that house is surely a fan of spongebob's.

And lastly, as the afternoon was slowly setting down, we cooled off by drinking freshly made strawberry shakes at "Nowhere Diner and Cafe". I literally don't know where the place was located over in the mountains, so I guess I can say that Diner can nowhere to be found. Actually, their shakes were really good and has fresh strawberries mixed up together for a very economic price. This "Nowhere Diner" has a cowboy theme and that is why all the boys had their cowboy hats on and I was their damsel in distress, as seen in the picture below.

It was really a weekend getaway to remember. Away from all the harmful smogs and busyness of the city, it sure was a fattening yet unforgettable time with friends.

We had a smooth ride all the way back home and didn't had any bumps along the road. We counted a total of more than 15 horses back and forth and majority of them were female horses. Just a random thought. 

This poor buddy of ours must be sleep deprived. I wonder why.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rags To Riches Collection

This season just got hotter and sexier with Rags To Riches' third Special Wardrobe collection which consists elegant cocktail and casual summer dresses. Perfectly suitable for the City's recently celebrated Festival and party events.

This special collection is modeled by Carmen Smith, Diane Ortega and Kat Alino as shown in the pictures above respectively. Jewelery provided by Irene Lo's Jewelery and accessories collection.

Rags To Riches clothing line consist of casual and formal dresses suitable for parties and everyday out of the ordinary hang-outs. Started out by 2 girl-friends of mine, Rags To Riches has made its way to the online business in a heartbeat to every girl's ordinary online shopping. Other different collections come out with different concepts for occasions. Also, Rags To Riches wardrobe collections come in very affordable prices.

Irene Lo's jewelery collection, as worn above, consist of silver bangles, necklaces and earrings. All her accessories are sold through personal transactions mostly.

Red Knight Gardens took part in providing the shoot's location situated at the Guadalupe Village, North Side of Davao City. Red Knight Gardens boasts their home-like ambiance apartelle for travelers who want to feel home away from home. With reasonable prices against competing hotels, Red Knight Gardens offers 1bedroom, 2bedroom and 3bedroom units for short-stay and long stay transients. Enjoy your stay at Red Knight Gardens's pool and bar for an unwinding experience inside the greenery homes of Guadalupe Village. 

I had my jay-jays shirt and my khaki blazer on top for a casual get-up and matched it with brown RB wayfarer sunnies. Practically, this get-up does not work on a normal sunny day because the temperature can reach to about 30-32degrees on a normal day. Ideally, I would suit this up to events and nightlife parties, and I would say that the wayfarer sunnies best suits me to get that classic look. The clothes I am wearing are not part of the collection. They are personally owned by me.


Thanks to Dennis Li for the pictures and for shooting the whole Concept shoot. All images are copyright of Dennis Li. Check on Dennis Li for his other works.

Thanks to Troi Pangz for helping out on the shoot.

Special Thanks to Irene Lo for her jewelery collection. Check out her other online business such as skin care products and clothing and jewelery line.Or you may contact her through her Facebook account.

Big Thank You to Vanessa Philimore for allowing us to do the shoot in Red Knight Gardens. For reservations, you may contact her through her Facebook account or through Red Knight Gardens.

Especially, thank you to Winky So and Adeline Tan for providing the shoot's wardrobe. For transactions and for their other collections, you may contact and check them through Rags To Riches in Facebook.

The T.N.G. or The Nothing Group

Friday, September 3, 2010

A Lyric for the Broken Hearted

Break my Heart in Two
Lyrics by: Francis Nikolo Bulaun

I keep thinking about the days when we're still together
And all the times we just hold each other's hands
But I wonder why did it fade away
I didn't get to even hear you say...

I still remember all the Promises you have said
And now I can't keep you out of my Head
But I wonder why did it fade away
I didn't get to even hear you say... goodbye

I keep walking alone
'Cause this feeling's just too strong
You told me you'd stay
And when I came back
I prayed you'd wait
'Cause you made me feelin'
Feeling like oh so true
But at the end I found out
You can't help but break my heart in two

How could you say all those things
And didn't even know what you mean
But I wonder why did it fade away
I didn't get to even hear you say...

You left me hanging by a thread
Now I'm just left alone with no Regrets
And I still wonder why you went away
All I wanted was to hear you say... 



Composition is already done but still needs to be recorded for a studio version.
I will post it soon :)