Monday, December 27, 2010

MDS News Southspot Channel Feature

Musika del Sur News or MDS news Southspot Davao recently featured my Music Video. Thank you for the feature and for hosting. Kathleen Dominique Alino.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


To Stay With You
Music and Lyrics: Niko Bulaun
Starring: Niko Bulaun, Arthur Adlawan, Carmen Smith, Daniel Juson

Hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed making this music video <3

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Destination OZ

I just received my Australian Visa today and gosh! Glad to have finally end my crazy waiting.

Things to do when I get there:

A day in Brissy
Pre-nuptial Photo Shoot for my Ate
Bachelor's party + party with awesome chix
Spend Christmas together with my Family for the first time since yearsssss
My Ate's Wedding + sing + drink + and have a good awesome time
Spend new Year with complete family
and Tourrrrrrrrrrr
then Bum around

Finally, visit Sydney once and for all.
and now spend atleast 2days in GoldCoast
Touch a freagin Kangaroo and cuddle a Koala!

and finally, join a freagin triathlon race!

Wish me Luck!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Colorful Photo Shoot

Last November 21, 2010, concluded another successful photo shoot organized by Ms. Carmen Smith where the word color rendered the event's outcome. "Color Splash" - the photo shoot's title and concept, where 19 photographers and 3 models have participated in the said event. The success and the outcome of the photo shoot were all Carmen's ideas which took a long time to prepare in spite her busy life as a college student everyday.

Carmen Smith

"Color Splash" is a concept inspired by Katy Perry's song,  "California Girls". Bright and funky colors were used and toys of different sorts were also made as accessories, same as those seen in Katy Perry's music video. The styling and design of the girls' wardrobe were all of Carmen Smith's creations and so as the model's make-up, which included candies that was used to accent the model's hair and make-up.

Photographers who participated in the event were all divided into groups of 3. Each group had at least 45minutes to work with one model at a time. It was a hot day out in Harana's playground, one of Davao City's oldest and popular family restaurants, but the heat did not bother everyone; the bright and beautiful colors might have soothed everybody.

Modeling and photography are two perfect combinations that have gained popularity here in Davao City. A lot of modeling enthusiasts and photography hobbiests has teamed up to practice their skills and talent. It is already an industry ready to take the whole country by storm. It is amazing to see how a simple themed shoot works. 

The Idea of the Rising Industry
It looks easy to photograph and pose for the camera, but actually its not. It takes a lot of skills to photograph a moment, choosing when and where to capture at the same time. It also takes a lot of physical and mental concentration to do a pose and holding it on together while portraying the theme of the shoot.

Basically, it all comes down with the photographer and the model’s “building up their portfolios”. The photo shoots are the model and photographer’s essential collection of their works. It is a way to notch up their value as a model and a photographer to pave way for future opportunities in the industry. I can say that the modeling and photography enthusiasts genuinely display a world class talent like no other.

A skilled photographer and model has to learn to preserve their value. They say everyone can do photography and everyone can model by just a click on one’s DSLR camera. If everyone can do it, what is left for models who have worked hard to reach their level as a valued model? Someone said that modeling and photography may end up likely being just a thing of the past. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A song that will Stay with you

Title: To Stay With You
Music and Lyrics: Niko Bulaun
Original Composition

Stand Still
We'll take this ride together
Hold my hand and never let it go

Ill take you places
You've never been in before
I wanna walk with you
Until the night ends

Coz don't worry
I'll be here
To take all those tears Away

Your eyes
Are like stars in the night
I wanna fall in love
Over and over again... With you

Coz don't worry
I'll be here
To take all those tears Away

I will never
Leave you alone
And I will promise
To stay With you

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Miss...

I miss playing badminton. The thrill, excitement and eagerness to win, and everything about it.

I miss doing magic. People getting fascinated, amused and getting scared and the slight of hands.

I miss running... believe me, I do.

I miss school. 

I miss playing music. The soul full mix of an acoustic love song's hopeless romantic.

I miss traveling around.

I miss my friends. Even though we see each other almost everyday.

I miss writing random thoughts, enlightenments.

I miss the photo shoots. TNG

and I miss being myself...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Home and Away

When the sun is up and the cool breeze whistling down on your face, it would most probably be a good day to take a breather and drive up to the mountains. A couple of weeks ago, my closest friends and I drove up to the cold mountains around the outskirts of the city where our buddy's rest house lay. The one and a half hour drive to the mountain did not feel like it was a long drive because when you have friends that mock around and make fun of all the weird unusual things you pass by during the trip, they tend to make the long hour drive a hell of a laugh trip. 

When we thought that everything would work out alright as planned, the unexpected happened. The car that I was riding broke down and lost its acceleration as we were starting to drive up the mountain. We really did not know what caused the damage but our theories have concluded that we might have been jinxed by our girl buddy - she's being a paranoid since the time we took off and she was actually riding in the car where we were all comfortably seating at. I still love her though she's actually like that (laughs). Fortunately, our buddy's mom drove by coincidence and switched cars with her - she is so sweet and apparently she owns the car we were using as well. Even though we went through all of that trouble, we were still in smiling faces, calm and happy - I really don't know what our paranoid-ish friend felt all through that trouble (evil laugh).

Basically, this breather can be be but to simpler words that can actually describe the whole trip. A Buffet. For snacks, we got bags and bags of Lays, buns, bread chocolates, assorted chips, name it! 

grilled tuna belly and squid
chicken soup
Whole medium sized roast pig
Pork on tofu
Scrambled Eggs
Corned Beef
Grilled Shrimps
Sautéed Roast Pig
Grilled Marinated Boneless Milf Fish
Adobo - Filipino Dish

Its like a the whole restaurant's menu. Don't even get me started with the desserts.

There are really cool sights and places near the rest house around the mountains. Like this piece of "Art" created by Davao's most famous artist... Kublai. 

There's this one rest house where in you can actually pay to take a dip in their swimming pool which unfortunately was recently drained when we went in. Whoever the owner of that house is surely a fan of spongebob's.

And lastly, as the afternoon was slowly setting down, we cooled off by drinking freshly made strawberry shakes at "Nowhere Diner and Cafe". I literally don't know where the place was located over in the mountains, so I guess I can say that Diner can nowhere to be found. Actually, their shakes were really good and has fresh strawberries mixed up together for a very economic price. This "Nowhere Diner" has a cowboy theme and that is why all the boys had their cowboy hats on and I was their damsel in distress, as seen in the picture below.

It was really a weekend getaway to remember. Away from all the harmful smogs and busyness of the city, it sure was a fattening yet unforgettable time with friends.

We had a smooth ride all the way back home and didn't had any bumps along the road. We counted a total of more than 15 horses back and forth and majority of them were female horses. Just a random thought. 

This poor buddy of ours must be sleep deprived. I wonder why.