Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Colorful Photo Shoot

Last November 21, 2010, concluded another successful photo shoot organized by Ms. Carmen Smith where the word color rendered the event's outcome. "Color Splash" - the photo shoot's title and concept, where 19 photographers and 3 models have participated in the said event. The success and the outcome of the photo shoot were all Carmen's ideas which took a long time to prepare in spite her busy life as a college student everyday.

Carmen Smith

"Color Splash" is a concept inspired by Katy Perry's song,  "California Girls". Bright and funky colors were used and toys of different sorts were also made as accessories, same as those seen in Katy Perry's music video. The styling and design of the girls' wardrobe were all of Carmen Smith's creations and so as the model's make-up, which included candies that was used to accent the model's hair and make-up.

Photographers who participated in the event were all divided into groups of 3. Each group had at least 45minutes to work with one model at a time. It was a hot day out in Harana's playground, one of Davao City's oldest and popular family restaurants, but the heat did not bother everyone; the bright and beautiful colors might have soothed everybody.

Modeling and photography are two perfect combinations that have gained popularity here in Davao City. A lot of modeling enthusiasts and photography hobbiests has teamed up to practice their skills and talent. It is already an industry ready to take the whole country by storm. It is amazing to see how a simple themed shoot works. 

The Idea of the Rising Industry
It looks easy to photograph and pose for the camera, but actually its not. It takes a lot of skills to photograph a moment, choosing when and where to capture at the same time. It also takes a lot of physical and mental concentration to do a pose and holding it on together while portraying the theme of the shoot.

Basically, it all comes down with the photographer and the model’s “building up their portfolios”. The photo shoots are the model and photographer’s essential collection of their works. It is a way to notch up their value as a model and a photographer to pave way for future opportunities in the industry. I can say that the modeling and photography enthusiasts genuinely display a world class talent like no other.

A skilled photographer and model has to learn to preserve their value. They say everyone can do photography and everyone can model by just a click on one’s DSLR camera. If everyone can do it, what is left for models who have worked hard to reach their level as a valued model? Someone said that modeling and photography may end up likely being just a thing of the past. 


Ria Jose said...

Nice concept. And very pretty pictures. :)

Toni Tralala said...

The photo of the model with green hair is amazing! I love the make up! Photography is a rising business in the Philippines. It's lovely to see true photography!

molly said...

Cool post. So true.

Yes, that's who Molly is in the story. She's in the White Tam too in the sidebar.

Kristel Louisa said...

Hey there!

Thanks for stopping by :) Wow you're going to Aussie? Cool! It's gonna be great. Oh, you're gonna stay in Singapore too? Great! Well yes, I was shopping at Cotton On, and Forever 21, right next to it! They're all together in Somerset 313 Mall. Perfect, isn't it?

Love this article! You're absolutely right, fashion and photography just can't be separated. Love the unique make up!


She is Sara said...

I want to be in these photos!! This looks like an amazing event to participate in as a model, makeup artist and a photographer!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I love all of the pictures. Was this at Harana? What a fun event. I'm so jealous of the wonderful experience you had. =)