Saturday, December 4, 2010

Destination OZ

I just received my Australian Visa today and gosh! Glad to have finally end my crazy waiting.

Things to do when I get there:

A day in Brissy
Pre-nuptial Photo Shoot for my Ate
Bachelor's party + party with awesome chix
Spend Christmas together with my Family for the first time since yearsssss
My Ate's Wedding + sing + drink + and have a good awesome time
Spend new Year with complete family
and Tourrrrrrrrrrr
then Bum around

Finally, visit Sydney once and for all.
and now spend atleast 2days in GoldCoast
Touch a freagin Kangaroo and cuddle a Koala!

and finally, join a freagin triathlon race!

Wish me Luck!



Anonymous said...

hey from the looks of it, you really planned ahead days before you've been approved. i hope you can squeeze all your schedules before hopping-out to some other states.
with this post, you sound pretty good in living your life.. say a bachelors way of living.
and one more thing, i enjoyed the greetings in your comment box... a satellite tracker..really huh?
so now i really really have to comment.
have a good life.

Chunky Knubby Navel said...

Very jealous. Have an amazing time!


Anonymous said...

enjoy your vacation!!!

Kourtnie said...

How fun!!

The Girl with Pearl Earrings. said...

I wanna go to Australia so freakin bad!!!
Enjoy your holiday!!