Monday, June 27, 2011

Declared for something Good and Hearty

Work has slowly paced down on me for the last 3 weeks and I'm urging to do more work at the moment. I owe too many people here in blogging blogs and pictures of my interests. But not to worry now, I have placed my hands, my mind and my heart here infront of the computer. So that only means one thing, I'm stuck in Facebook (Laughs sarcastically). Ofcourse, I'm back to writing now.

There are a few things I want to talk about. I wanna tell you all that my Billboard downtown already expired. Yeah, I know, seeing it gone makes me feel sad and it sucks. But I have accepted it already because I know there will be things bigger coming along my way. I just have to focus and work on my goals.

To anyone who hasn't seen my billboard, go to this link website Life's Pamphlet Snaps :)

I'm going to Beijing!! Why? 00:00hours of June 8, 2011, I checked on Cebu Pacific's website, one of Philippine's Low Budget Airline, thinking that there maybe promo fares of any kind. There I go and found out their seat sale of PHP0.00 fare was up on June 8, 2011 and lucky of me to visit in the right moment at the right time. I tried my card if it would push through but before that I typed in the details of mine and my two other friends who were there on that night and typed in the right number of days and flights. Unfortunately, my card didn't push through because I forgot one of my security code or something. Then my friend offered me his card and told me to try it. He hoped it wouldn't push through and I thought otherwise because I was the only one excited for the three of us. And there I go, typing everything again from the start and finally placed in the card details and after continuing, website prompted our confirmation number and we were all booked in. There we were looking at the monitor laughing but after a few seconds, our laughs disappeared. Imagine this :)) that shifted to this :| ....

I mentioned in one of my older posts that I wanted to visit a few countries namely Malaysia, Singapore, Hongkong etc. That includes Beijing. And now, I'm booked to Beijing! WoW!  Next on my list are Europe and the rest of USA I think. and apparently, I am currently applying for a photographer position in one of Europe's cruise line. Geee. I should probably add more countries in my list. EL OH EL :))

to those who haven't read my blog about the lists, check this Mile High

I declared that 2011 would be a good year for me and it would change me. But not everything has come good like knowing and seeing my Grandfather have his Heart bypass surgery or seeing someone you just met dealing with the loss of his love one. It hurts and its sad to know these things. A lot of these didn't made sense, but someone taught me that when He doesn't make sense, you just have to believe in Him and pray to Him. Now, my life has been shook and awakened and turned around 360degrees.

In everything I do now, I do it with Him and with Love <3