Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Miss...

I miss playing badminton. The thrill, excitement and eagerness to win, and everything about it.

I miss doing magic. People getting fascinated, amused and getting scared and the slight of hands.

I miss running... believe me, I do.

I miss school. 

I miss playing music. The soul full mix of an acoustic love song's hopeless romantic.

I miss traveling around.

I miss my friends. Even though we see each other almost everyday.

I miss writing random thoughts, enlightenments.

I miss the photo shoots. TNG

and I miss being myself...


Little Emilly said...

Do it all
don't miss,
do it :D

and omg you came to london woooooo!

Nikolo Bulaun said...

that was in Australia :))

thanks but I hope I can do some of them soon :)

kristy eléna said...

thanks for sharing your blog on 20sb. i love your attitude towards life and fashion blogging, love the photos you post, and your style sense. it is totally you and i love that you have a personal style. am following via bloglovin!

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