Saturday, August 14, 2010

One moment on Eevee

Its amazing how small things from the start end big, right?

The Eevee Band. A band composed of four members. A band whose name originated from a "pokemon" character, or might stand the lead-vocal's initials; got their big break on a National Music Band Competition here in the Philippines in 2009. They outlasted 13 bands coming from all over the country. In the end, the competition bridged their way for a career that would play for a lifetime.

Before they got themselves heard in the big music industry, they performed locally in the city. They were slowly  letting people hear their kind of music. Personally, I find their songs nice to hear. Its like everytime you hear them play, it feels as if you are inspired to do what they are singing about, or motivated to. Its love songs with a spicy twist.

"It's not ballad, it's not outright alternative, it's like anti-stress songs, feel-good... like Michael Buble learns to rock" - Eevee on their facebook info.

Definitely, its working for them.
craig paolo enzo jerrick

The band consists of Enzo Villegas(vocals and guitars), Paolo Segura(lead guitars and back-up vocals), Jerrick Sy(bass guitar) and Craig Neniel(drums).

Enzo is a friend of mine since 1st grade. I am amused of how he persists on his dreams and how is unique with his abilities. Since I transferred to another high school, we never had the chance to hang out since then. Tilll this music auditon similar to American Idol came 3 years ago, only local. We got together and surprised each other on that day. We didn't make it though. However, this career of His did not surprised me at all. I knew it that He had it in Him all along. Well, for me, music has to find its way back into my heart. I may have lost it, but its okay.

Their debut album titled "Paramdam" is now available in record stores and in i-tunes for only $9.99

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Watch their music video called "gusto ko lang ng girlfriend" which translates to "i just want a girlfriend".

Pictures were taken from their Facebook page. 


weLay said...

Nicely done. :)

kathleen dominique said...

I love the song, "Gusto ko lang ng Girlfriend". I think it was nicely done. Good one nik! :)

Marie Lim said...

That guy..Really gifted. We used to work together at school. Really funny guy. A natural. haha.

Ikaw napud sunod nik!

ori said...

wow. thanks for bringing them to my attention. cool review.

Pinkie Anggia said...

Great review there!

Xoxo ♥
Pinkie Anggia


molly said...

Sweet post. All the best to the band.