Sunday, August 1, 2010

Restless Hearts

"Work hard... and PARTY hard!" - My 1st year college school director; Cheers sir!

As far as the years have passed by, 21 is the new 16. When you hit the sweet 16 stage, you feel like as if you're an adult already. Technically your not. Sweet 16 is a life changing experience where exploration is an adventure:

- Old enough to have your first date
- True Love's kiss

- finish high school and get to college
- Prom or Senior's Ball

- Start counting boyfriend/girlfriend number 1 and counting
- Party and get wasted till 5am

Now, your 21. What are you going to do? I say keep that cup filled and have shots. Get serious and find yourself a freagin job. Well that is how it is and how its suppose to be, right? Well I say, don't let the good youth run you out. Do what you love and do it with all your heart:

- graduate college

- take a vacation
- take as many vacations as you want until you get bored

- when its time to get a job, realize if you really need a job
- when all gets worse, get a job... and a life

- boyfriend/girlfriend number 10 and counting

- when partying, buy lots of bottles for reserves so that you still have enough when
the liquor ban hits 2am

- if you need to get another degree, good luck on that
- and etc.


Theonlyfashionprincess said...

Thanks for voting. I'm following you too.

Niko said...

Thanks. Goodluck on that :)


Kristi said...

hahah this is funny. I'm 21 and not ready for all the responsibility you speak of -- getting a job?? no thanks! Now is the best time to travel because although its not cheap, I don't have a family I have to pay for. I can travel independently and only worry about myself. It makes it much easier.

Jaggy Lopez said...

Thats right! travel! and oh yeah. get a frggin job!!!! :))

Niko said...

@Kristi: Traveling independently is not a problem... only if you can pay for your own. :)

@jaggy: saba jag! haha