Saturday, July 31, 2010

Shooting Myself

"Posing for a picture is damn hard..." - me

Photos by Ben Albenio

I thought about doing a photo shoot for myself for the past few weeks and decided to go on with it just a couple of days ago. It seemed a bit hard than I thought it wouldn't.

First, the location that we underwent was a disaster. It had only 1 corner that looked as a pretty good spot. It was closed, therefore it was hot. A corner where we hang our clothes... yes, the lines that you see are actually clotheslines that I managed to use as a material for the shoot.

Second, the wardrobe that I used no longer fits me. The jacket that I'm wearing barely fits and I can no longer close the buttons of the suit. Even the inner sleeves that I have bought a couple of months before barely fits. Its a disaster.

Lastly, my friend and I had a hard time defining myself on how to portray and pose for the scene. We thought of moods that I could show during the shoot but didn't go the way we wanted it to. So I said, might as well get on with it and did some poses for whatever way that I can. Seriously, we managed.

Photos by Ben Albenio

I thought of other photo shoots that might fit me. A sports photo shoot perhaps. Imagine me doing cardio workouts in the gym. Its like a candid moment wherein I portray myself as a determined athlete that needs to reshape himself and bring back the man inside of him drama.

Currently, we are planning to do a second try on it. It might still be a landscape photo shoot where in I still wear my "barely worn jacket" but with a different environment. Still have to find a good location though. Wish me luck!

-Post Script-

We used a 12mega-pixel digital camera. It sucked. I know.

My friend did all the magic using photoshop.

Hope we can find a professional shooting camera, or whatever they call it these days.


Theonlyfashionprincess said...

Like your blazer and your blog! Hope you'll follow me too. xoxo

Niko said...

Thanks. Ill click your blog so i can follow yours. Hope you do too to mine :))



Isabela Rodriguez said...

good post! :), now you made me think of making a blog..nah! i leave that to you now. hahaha

Niko said...

Haha! Blogging is fun. You can write lots of stuff and of different topics. Just don't make it as a diary. haha go! i suggest you do! its a stress releaver :)

Carmen said...

hehehe cool post niko!
its cute! :D

Nikolo Bulaun said...

thanks carmen :)