Saturday, July 17, 2010

Start of New Beginnings

Life's humor to me is about the journey, not the destination that brings us happiness - Frine Fuentes(My buddy)

True! I am mixed up in a number ways on how to humor one's self and others. Wake up first thing in the morning and turning on the computer - would be those things; or simply call your friends in the afternoon and enjoy their none sense with a sense company, just doing anything uniquely anything we can out of the ordinary - one would be like watching a movie like "Hot Tub Time Machine".

Great White Buffalo - the one who got away! Yes, yes! We do have those in our diaries simply because its part of growing up. To anyone who doesn't know what that means, simply watch the movie I said just a while ago, in the second paragraph... the last 4 words. We are men so we are allowed to fall in love. We are still human, we still remember the one's who may have left us hurt.

"I like you, but I don't LOVE you", to the Guardian - that suck! I know!

But still, we choose to get back up when we're down. Too much of a good thing is bad for you. Right Mr. Black, Mr. PUA...?

However, It's all part of our daily lives, humor is part of a habit that we cannot live with out. Whether It could be a wisdom tooth coming out, or talking to the one you fantasize about, or simply a nerve racking shitty exam that you so want to skip because your friends are watching a world premiere movie and your too frustrated you made a sissy.

There is no plan B my friend, and you'll love it when a plan comes along.

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