Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Head over Heels

I can't elaborate more of the fact that STI College of Davao's system really sucks. I requested a course description list so that I can submit it to Central Queensland University so as they can soon credit some of my subjects taken from STI. How slow can it get?! Its as if I still go to that school. As soon as I arrived in the registrar's office, I was already waiting for the registrar to take notice of me. Am I that too big to not notice? And there wasn't hardly any students waiting at all. geeshhh!

Anyway, my day didn't start out right because my aunt called me and asked me to pick up her grocery in her office. I might have considered it as a good thing because I thought waking up before lunch time might help adjusting my body clock because lately I sleep around 3-5am in the morning because of my addiction to glee and NBA2K10 (*laughs*). Then the "as usual" incident in the registrar's office came along, which I was already prepared for did not caught me by surprise, but enough said. Then the fun part comes along. My buddy and I met for an afternoon of none sense... again.

First thing we did was sip a cup of Orbitz. I may have ordered the same thing over and over again. Cookies and Cream tastes bland after 10minutes or so. Might try the colorful flavors next time. We like staring down the mall because Orbitz stands in the fourth floor of the mall and their high chairs and tables were placed along side of the corridor and amazingly you can get to see everyone in the corner we were seated. Our eyes were like radars and all... surprisingly, we saw a fair number of familiar faces around. We pushed our fat legs and thighs and put it to work around. We came out looking for shoes; I for one hand need to replace my old shoes because it's sole is getting thinner and flats cause so much pain to my flat footed heels. Theres this one shoe I fancy, which was displayed in artwork for a fair price. It looks like a modernized topsider, color gray which personally fits my style, a bit of a casual formal-like looking shoe that would fit my everyday expos. My buddy Anot fancies the black topsider but I may have to tell him that He and I should think about buying the shoe together, because it may look silly that He and I both have the same shoe but with different colors.

Kathleen was around so she invited us to go to the cafe and bought us food. Thanks Kat! Keep the career up! Our girl buddy, came to join the fun... the none sense fun. And the first thing she did in the mall was sip a cup of Orbitz too. She had the red flavored drink, which I really don't know what flavor that was. See how exciting the day was. As we were heading off to Damosa for dinner, we saw my buddy's crush in SPC riding the jeep. He said that he always have been fond of that girl ever since He got into SPC. So I said why don't we ride the same jeep as her's, eventhough the jeep she was riding was en route for the other way, and we'll just take off in the nearest place to the destination and take another ride instead? Looking at my buddy's face, He couldn't say no to my suggestion and gladly griming His way to the jeep. My oh my, my buddy was right! The girl is so beautiful. I can imagine the looks she makes on her face. She looks like a Filipino version beauty of Quinn Fabray from Glee. During the trip, I was doing a lot of teasing to my buddy. He even sat down next to the girl and that was totally a thumbs up for him. But my oh my, the manners, He picked his nose while seated behind the girl. "What the hell man!" (*laughs*).

As this story seem to be a long one, I'll cut down to the chase. Tried having dinner in Patok sa Manok. The chicken was not ok-ok. It lacked effort. The bbq sauce painted all over made it seem like it was grilled to perfection... but it did not. Had desert in Mackers(Mcdonalds). Out of the boredom, my buddy drew something on my hand right next to the thumb portion of my fist. It looked like a cat that had a pig's head and feet that had 3 fingers only which made it look like a chicken's feet. Over all, it looked like a mutated animal. Then I made a drawing of a bat mobile on a piece of tissue and my buddy kept yelling out "fat mobile?", and our girl buddy just couldn't stop laughing. I mean, "what...? what the hell...", but thats alright. At least in the end you made someone happy and unforgetful. As the night started to end, I remembered something about hard rain when your in Mcdo, because for him the rain make some people sad but for him it makes him happy. I wonder why.

- mutated cat-like pig animal; I shall call him banokat

No, I don't want to be bitten.

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Anonymous said...

hi,nik! High praise ako sa letter mo,d ko alam kng ikw o ung buddy mo ang bida,head over heels ka kanino?sa banokat?galing mo nak mg drawing....nosebleed ako sa english mo......anyway,nice one..............luv u,ingat ka lagi......