Monday, July 19, 2010

She was

I think the last thing in my mind was her... before I knew it was her all along.

It was like something out of an instant. I did not expect that it would happen. Right on the moment I saw Her, i said, "wow! she's like amazing!". I did not think she's my type of girl. I just thought that how she looked and how she lives in style was cool. That moment on, I just had to make a move that she and I could be friends... and I did.

I had only a few days left before leaving town. I just made a few Hi's and Hello's right on the corner and conversations were flying in out of nowhere. Getting to know her was like being in High school again. All those chit chats over the net and phone were keeping me alive. As if there is still worth going home for. It pretty sucked that all this happened during the time that I have to leave the country.

Have you ever felt the feeling of being so much excited about something that will happen in the future? Or maybe being excited of a plan in the future? I did have those feelings. Excited about a thing that may or may not happen. Its a plan, anything can happen. It just made me so attached that in the end it just broke my heart.

A promise is a promise. But promises are always meant to be broken. If you want to do something for another person, just do it. Don't swear on it. Do it like you mean it. Keeping those promises may or may not hurt.

I was eager to go home, and thinking from that moment on, I would have someone to share my coffee with, or spend the day together or maybe go to the beach and hang out together all day. When I got home, it seemed like it was just another day. It felt like as if swinging on a tree alone and sitting on a bench while cold crisp air blowing on your face. It was like cold nothing.

The mind knows what it wants, but my heart says she's what I need in my life. I could have just ignored her right from the start, and I could have just not said Hello. I want to regret it, but all of this seems worth it.

Hearing her voice in the morning, hearing her yell about this and yell about that and hearing her say she misses you, put me in a wacked situation again. It was like the summer heat bloomed me. Just hearing from her gave me hope. I may have put on some slack but I ain't giving up.

When everything goes wrong, I always pray to God and let all my worries be handled by Him.

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