Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rain just fell off from the Sky I guess

"I am on my way... literally on my way to the movies and I'll see you there!" - Me

I live up north of the city so that would take me about 30minutes to get to the movie house with a bit of a traffic. As I was getting nearer to the mall, all HELL breaks loose. Jitters in my tummy! Thats what it is. I was having serious tummy aches again that I would want to go to the bathroom. It was quite disturbing though.

It was already 7:30 when I got to the mall and hurried through a number of CRs(bathroom). Enough of the tummy aches... "Where the hell are my friends?!". They're halfway through where I came from.

Anyway, I spent the first 10minutes of the movie trying to warm myself up because I was having a super seriously upset tummy... but I pulled through. Nicolas Cage does a lot of Awesome Action packed Disney films now a days huh. Thumbs up for that.

Then comes the part where we ask ourselves what to do after the movie.

"Legends of the Guardian" - To Jaggy Lopez; we should really watch that movie, I think It's an action packed schlong film. (Giggles)

We all make an excuse to be excused for a secret agenda. Thats alright man, I understand... I don't know about the other guy; the other guy? - Tom Cruise.

And car brakes have less friction, don't speed up more than 40Km, when it rains. Got it man.

I'm really running out of words to say, but I'd rather still stick with plan A.

Teresa Palmer - pretty girl from The Sorcerer's Apprentice >.<

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