Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cyberly Chills and Thrills

Its the time of year where all of the geeks, nerds, pros and computer-related addicts come to meet. Davao Cyber Expo 2010 is being held at the SM Davao Activity center, July 23-25 2010.

There are lots of gigs going on in DCE. Attractions such as online tournaments is a part of the menu. Customized Personal Computers or "Rigs" are one of the highlights of this 3-day event, more commonly known as the LAN Party event. Blinque TechXtreme Exhibit are showcasing high end gadgets and hardware and are set for great deals. My most favorite of which is the DCW Open Challenge, which we totally sucked in DCE 09, and I have heard that a blogging competition is taking place in the event. If only I knew before hand, I would have tried to put my skills to work.

I have a very unforgettable memory of DCE 09. We took part of the DCW Open Challenge last year for CAll of Duty: Modern Warfare. DCWired Team was challenging anyone in the game for 5 against 5. Any team who can beat DCWired gets a cash prize instantly. It took us about 2-3 weeks playing and practicing only to loose in a pretty convincing way. They said, DCWired Team didn't even practiced before hand. We were thinking just how wicked their skills were. On a scale of 10, with 10 being the highest, they score 9.99. They were that good. We were just not that good enough. They were like the A-Team of COD4. Our morale was just not the same. It was so degrading. That is why we decided to not participate in the DCW Open Challenge this year

DCE is a once-a-year event organized by the DCWired Team. This is the time where we drool in envy because of the latest hardware technology being used and displayed by the DCWired Team. DCWired displays their coolest and out of this world rigs. Rigs that are build for design and performance. I always have been fond of setting up my own rig and this is where my blogging leads to.

Everyone wants to be unique in their own way. I thought of a rig that might blow their minds out, a design like no other. A car-inspired rig with a wheel. A rig that will really look like a part of a car.

Outrageous Rigs around the world.

Tell me what do you think of my idea... or you can just keep'em if you'll just hurt my feelings. Toodles.

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