Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Lil' bit of Everything

"Key to Happiness is doing what you love..." - Larry Daley of Night at the Museum 2

I'm quite sure I understood what He meant. I love doing things and I love to do stuff. Something that tires and bores me is the least that I like. Say for instance, I don't like to take a bath. It bores me whenever I stand in the bathroom waiting to feel like I've been rejuvenated and refreshed from all the water flowing down from the top of my head down to the toes of my flat-footed feet... and I am just kidding. Who doesn't like a nice cold, or hot, shower? I bet the cat outside of our house doesn't.

My top 5 shallow things that make me a one-less-sad boy.

Number 5 - The Internet.

IT HAS EVERYTHING. I wouldn't survive without having to open any in a week. My emails are just as important to like waking up in the morning. Its a habit. Its informative, reliable, user-friendly, user-friendly when you have projects, user-friendly when you need to copy and paste infos from references, and most of all, it has everything you need to survive. I'm just saying.

Imagine life without the internet... see what I mean?!

Number 4 - El Gitara or The Guitar

Music is in my soul. It lives in my mind and heart and in my body. Passion for music action.

They say, to make music is like expressing your emotions. Its like when you compose music, you construct how you truly feel subconsciously. When I play my music, its like the whole world stops to hear the beautiful noise that comes out of the instrument that I am using. My life is accompanied by music that portrays the drama, comedy and action. The songs I play, I play it with all of my heart.

Number 3 - Food

Its a given. If I stereo type, who can live without it? But seriously, I love Food.

"I eat when I'm upset" - Po from Kung Fu Panda; We are practically the same.

Melancholic issues are cured by the consumption of food, most especially sweets. There is a scientific explanation for that, but I'll leave that out now.

I could not explain much further. Let the idea consume your imagination for food.

Number 2 - specifically, Halo-Halo from Aling Fopings

Oh the finely crushed ice, topped with the delicacies like pinipig, sago, pearls, leche flan, ube, and many to mention toppings, and a 2 scoops of ube ice cream. Combine all together, mix it up... Its HALO-HALO. For an english translation, its Mix-Mix. Forgive me if I could not find anymore spontaneous and unique words that I can say.

Whenever I place my eyes on the sign that says "Aling Fopings Halo-Halo", my heart is filled with joy and happyness overflows from this very heart of mine, located at Matina Town Square Davao, a stall at the end of the piazza.

Its nice to have Halo-Halo with your buddies.

Numero Uno - My Bed

Its where I take off to dreamland... and its also where I make too much noise, snoring.

Ah yes, the point of laying down is the time where my body says, "shut up and relax!". Sleeping is rejuvenating. Say if you have colds, the best way to defeat is boost your immune system and drink that Vitamin C, and of course sleep. Ample amount of sleep.

Before sleeping, lots of stuff pop into my head. Ideas, problems, daydreams, you name it. I found out that medically, based on research, people who find a hard time to sleep is most probably because they use their beds a lot. Our body recognizes the bed as a bed. So when we lay down on the bed, our body must switch to sleeping mode. Thus, if we use the bed as a commonly ground, our body may not recognize the bed as a sleeping material. Therefore may cause a hard time sleeping. I still remember this because I tried to trick my body to sleep even though it wasn't the actual sleeping time.

The bed is amazing. No sexual explicit intentions intended. Please refrain from imagining things that I wasn't suppose to let you imagine. Good.

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