Friday, July 23, 2010

Habitually Insane at the Moment

Yes, I have been making my blog around 1-3AM in the morning. I need to get proper sleep. I have been missing out on my appointments and priorities not because of the thing that I do, but because of the time I sleep.

It has been an interesting two days already. Straight to the conclusion, I wake up around 2 in the afternoon and have been sleeping for 10hours since yesterday. And as usual, STI hasn't given me my course description yet... surprising.

Well I just recently watched The Last Airbender. To tell you honestly, I haven't really seen the whole cartoon series, I've only seen a few but managed to have understood the whole drama and story of it because my buddy told me everything. So for the first movie made for the The last Airbender(more commonly known as The Avatar), it was okay. It's hard to explain the whole story of the first book in just a matter of 2hours and so. Some say the author of the cartoon series didn't like it and made bad reviews about it, but I think I know the reason why. M. Night Shyamalan directed the movie.

M. Night Shyamalan directs and produces movies that are scary and have spiritual perspective aspects - Wikipedia

I ate too many ice creams today. Heavenly Vanilla, Coffee Crumble and a chocolate flavored one of some sort. I stopped by my drummer buddy's house and offered me ice cream. I could not resist the offer(*laughs*). We thought of maybe we could play music again and start out a new band but it might take us some time to get our acts up together again... procrastination. Hey, at least we tried looking for his old cymbals and fortunately we did. Thats the first.

I played "piat-piat", also called as the "good-better-best" card game. with my friends. As usual, I don't suck at the game but managed to have only have it quits. Practically didn't win anything at all. Still, I enjoyed the game. I tried something new that night, Lucky Me Pancit Canton mixed with fried pork chops. You can even put pancit canton on a piece of bread with sliced tomatoes in it. It really tasted good... seriously. We had dinner before the game and had ICE CREAM for desert. Thats where i had coffee crumble flavored ice cream. Third for the night. When I stopped by the convenience store to pick up some things for my cousin, i was thinking about having pinipig ice cream. Good thing I remembered all the ice creams I ate earlier.

I really hope that I could wake up early later so that at least I can attend to my appointments once and for all.

I just had a small bag of Sour Cream and Onion Lays and a cup of coke. Good luck to me.

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