Sunday, January 30, 2011

Big Bang in Jan

Well, it's been more than a month now since arriving here down under. My oh my! I totally am having fun and having the time of my life. Someone said to me, "It's just being out and about...", and I'm glad I took his advice.

I started walking/running around the first week of January and it became part of my daily routine since then. I just  thought of doing something for a start and to keep me off from slacking around which can lead to a total sad phase of gaining unwanted weight again. LOL Since then, I never felt better. Having to wake up around 530AM everyday feels like a renewal of the soul.

I never thought that I can jump on a trampoline ever again... till 3 weeks ago. LOL The tramp that was setup at the backyard of my sister's house says it can hold up to 150KG, and I'm 99KG considering that I lost nearly 10KG's for the past couple of months. Feels like a kid again when I'm on the trampoline. It's a great fitness exercise too.

And for the major major events...

I googled "Mackay Photography Club" a couple of weeks ago and got a good hit on it. I was looking for a gang of photography enthusiasts here, where I am staying, so that I can meet up and join in. Fortunately, calling the numbers that were in the website that lead me, I got the right club. Coincidently enough, they were having their first meeting on that day when I called them. I just had to get involved. It's a great exposure for me having to be part of such great photography enthusiasts which by the way who are very very very good in photography.

January 29, 2011, I had my first swimming lesson... and it was oh so great! I never tried having swimming lessons when I was kid and I reckon that it was not too late for me to go through with it at my age. Pat Wright, very well known coach in Queensland who might have coached Geoff Huegill(I'm not really sure about this), trained me for my introductory swim and I felt honored about it. My wing muscles were burning from all the swim that I did. Holy! I might have done 300m but it was all gooooood. Tuesday's the next swim for me. And oh, first swim lesson was for free. Sweet!

Did I tell you that I had swam "the Great Barrier Reef"? Oh yeah! Words could not express the feeling of swimming in such wondrous body of water only found in part of the world. You can look into the album I posted in my Facebook account, which you'll have to add me first. I wouldn't mind adding blog friends, it would be an honor having you as my friends in Facebook :)

I recently got myself into boxing again, the gym right next to the hotel we were staying in Airlie Beach. I couldn't resist trying. Man oh man, 7months with out training is very tiring! An hour in the gym gave me a hard time! But I did good. Now, back in town, I managed to find a boxing club which training occurs every Mondays to Thursdays. The trainer was obnoxious though. He said that I could last 30min of the 1hour and 30min of training because of my physical attribute. Well mister, I maybe Fat but I'm not a slack. My body was built for athleticism but due to the past years of slacking, I gained weight. Everyone might have gone through that stage though. Well, I'm taking it as a challenge. Let's just see what I can do :)

I have recently organized my first Photo shoot and it's on. It's set on Tuesday, 1st of February. I don't really know how to organize such an event. I just observed how my friend Carmen Smith does it. I wrote about her Photo shoot not long ago. Looking for models was the toughest part. One time, while I was in the mall, I saw this girl who was working in this clothes shop. Her beauty and likeness to fit in my concept struck me. And I just had to ask her. She was keen about it at first but after a week, she declined... sad :( That was randomly epic of me to invite someone who I don't know to model for my shoot. Fortunately, I found a couple of fine looking ladies who fits my concept as well. When I was declined by the girl in the clothes store, it felt like being turned by a girl who you're wooing. Sh*t! LOL I'm not gonna give any hints about the concept that I'm making. You'll just have to see yourself when I'm done with it and make it as one of my blog entries for the future :)

And oh yeah, Since Australian Open Started, I got to watch the OZ open every day for the whole day. It's like watching NBA in America which I haven't really tried yet cause I never been to America yet. LOL

I have yet to try:

  • Lawn Bowling
  • Tennis
  • Scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef
  • Cycling
  • and making more lots of friends here in Mackay :)
  • Sydney Trip 
  • Gold Coast Trip with overnights


I just wanted to writing instead of posting pictures for a change. Hope you all have a good read on this :)


She is Sara said...

UGGH! I want to trade. You can go to my work and deal with idiots all day and then sit through boring classes and I will jump on a trampoline. Eh? EH? :P

LeXi said...
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fhen said...

scuba diving at great barier reef sounds awesome!
and yes i do some post process my photos using photoshop